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Listen for:

The Birthday Buzz (2:35)

Wishing everybody happy birthdays as well as telling you which celebrities are getting old, and reminding you what happened “On this date” in years’ past.

Call or text your co-workers, friends and families birthdays each weekday at 731-427-9968 


 “Record it or Ignore It” (3:35)

Buzz fills you in on the best and worst stuff on TV tonight!

 Guess what’s in Buzz’s Cooler! (4:35)

If you can guess the common household item Buzz has in his cooler, you’ll win!

 7 Eyewitness News 4:50p & 5:50p

 “Punks, Drunks, and MOrons,” (5:35)

The dumbest, most MOronic criminals in the world are called out for the MOrons they are!

 Buzzworthy News (6:35)

Tune in for a lightning fast recap of all the conversation-starting news items that didn’t quite make it in to the real news!

 Buzz Podcasts

Buzz Blackburn is “Born and Raised” in West Tennessee, He loves the guitar, comedy, movies, spicy food, cigars, Tennessee football, wife “Buzzette” and his kids, age 14 and 20.  He helped organize the “Tennessee Cigar & Brew Fest”, a favorite community event in Jackson, TN since 2009.  Buzz hosted mornings on WYNU 2007-2015, and now signs on 2-7 weekday afternoons with a joke and a wink, and telling his listeners to “GET YOU SOME!!”

  • HOMETOWN: Tea-Town: Trenton, TN
  • FAVORITE SONG: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John
  • FAVORITE COLOR: Prince Purple
  • FAVORITE HOBBY:  Playing guitar and bass
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITIES:  Reading a good book while smoking a premium handmade cigar on my patio where I have lots of room for activities.
  • FAVORITE TV SHOW:  (now) Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Tonight Show, House of Cards.
  • FAVORITE MOVIE: just a sampling: Blues Brothers, Aliens, Pulp Fiction
  • FAVORITE FOOD:  Peanut Butter chocolate chip cookies!
  • FAVORITE DRINK:  Red Wine & various premium beers.
  • FAVORITE BOOK:  The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
  • WORSE NIGHTMARE:  I’m buried alive in a coffin with Nancy Grace.
  • PET PEEVES: Nosy people who wanna get all up in yo’ business.  For example, people who create generic forms for others to fill out.
  • I LOVE WEST TENNESSEE BECAUSE…hey, it’s home!  I love that everyone comes together as a community when disasters happen.